Our Laboratory

Approved by the biggest names in photography, the ZEINBERG laboratory has become a major player on the market of photographic development. Our long-term collaboration with photographers, collectors, international museums and galleries has proven the quality of our productions and the excellence of our service. Over the years, the name ZEINBERG has become synonymous throughout the world with prestige, excellence, and success. YellowKorner gallery, with whom we share a true passion for images and great complicity with its photographers, has entrusted us with the printing and showcasing of its collections, now distributed in over one hundred galleries across the globe.

Offer yourself ZEINBERG quality!

From now on, ZEINBERG services and products will be offered to both professionals and individuals. Each photograph taken to the laboratory will benefit from a rigorous level of expertise and a detailed visual verification by top specialists. Our team of retouchers, printers, and artisans will accord special attention to each image and provide exceptional knowledge and experience, resulting in a unique, high quality print. ZEINBERG makes its advice and technical ingenuity available to you, offering you the opportunity to acquire a gallery-quality print of your most beautiful creations.

By simplifying your selection processes and accompanying each phase of your order, ZEINBERG facilitates large format photographic printing. You can choose from among the best materials, production techniques and finishes possible, obtaining an optimal result with a minimum of fuss. The prestige that up until now has been reserved for professionals is now accessible to the general public. With a unique 6-year guarantee, ZEINBERG prints are designed to last over time and help you to reveal the power of your photographs, talent, and creativity.

A ZEINBERG is forever: built to last.

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